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Helpjuice’s easy-to-use and most powerful knowledge base software is designed from the ground up to help you scale your customer support, and, collaborate better with your team.

Our Clients

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75% Of People Searching For Knowledge Base Software End Up Concluding With Helpjuice. Here’s what our customers say why:

“We tried others, but nothing was as customizable as Helpjuice. They even customize your knowledge base for you”

Ross, Director of Growth, Shipt.com

“Analytics, analytics, analytics - its why we move to the solution - great to get insight into popular articles. Ability to integrate into our existing Support process and have a dedicated document view.”

David, Training Manager, Sunlight Financial

“Helpjuice is a no brainer. It’s extremely user friendly, has a LOT of options when it comes to making content private, and segmenting content based on groups.”

Stuart, Head of Product, Cloudhouse

“It is extremely customizable. We have strict brand rules we have to follow and Helpjuice allowed us to make all the customizations we needed.”

Tyler C., Director of Client Services, Versature

“Set up was easy and the Helpjuice team was prompt with customization requests. Intuitive interface. It makes it easy to create and deploy a rich content library.”

Manoj, Chief Strategy Officer, Reservations.com

“We love the customized features, the customer support has been great. It’s very easy to use (like using Google Docs or Microsoft Word). We chose Helpjuice as the pricing was good too.”

Ginger, Co-Owner, Web Punch

“Helpjuice provides the best of both worlds - an easy-to-use interface for people to add/edit articles, and, the flexibility to completely customize the site.”

Richard, Director of Marketing, One Legal

“Service has been responsive and excellent. Helped us make updates, and the software is also very easy to use with many features. Best available Knowledge Base for the money.”

Jacob, Manager, Client Support, State Farm

“We have found Helpjuice to have more features than we expected, important reporting, wonderful customizability, and great customer support.”

Will, Software Engineer, Teem

What is the purpose of a knowledge base?

If you reading this, you are probably a Training, Customer Support, Product or Sales/Marketing Manager at a growing company, and probably consider yourself ahead of the ‘curve’. With a Helpjuice knowledge base, we have helped companies like yours do 2 things very well:

Scale Customer Support Via A Self-Service Knowledge Base.

Over 60% of US consumers prefer an automated self-service, such as a website or mobile app, for simple customer service tasks. Your customers are always on the go, they want to use your knowledge base, more than they want to contact support – the numbers speak for themselves, you just need to make that knowledge base awesome (again).

Deliver instant knowledge to your team via an internal knowledge base.

51 percent of people prefer technical support through a knowledge base. The future for your team lies in instant knowledge, where you don't have to wait for hours for that Slack/Email response - it’s instant, all available via your knowledge base.

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Knowledge base software with instant search

Google-like Search

Our search engine, unlike others, is built from the ground-up for knowledge base software – nothing else. We constantly observe how people search in knowledge bases and constantly improve our search engine.

Customizable knowledge base software

Extremely customizable

It’s 2024, don’t settle for your knowledge base to look like a template that people presume sucks. With Helpjuice we have dozens of custom-made themes, and hand-customize every knowledge base for you, for your needs (all for free).

Simple and easy to learn knowledge base software

Simple, Simple, Simple
(No Training Required)

Instantly author articles without having to sit on a 45-minute demo “learning” about the tool. Does this sound familiar to you?

Powerful analytics of Helpjuice knowledge base software

Analytics so good you wonder how we technically do it

With the Helpjuice Analytics, we tell you not only what people are searching for and not finding (every single tool does this), but rather who those people are, what you should be writing in your knowledge base, which articles need improvement and so much more.

Best customer support by Helpjuice knowledge base software

Customer Support WOW

Ours is 5 minutes, personalized, and technical. Yes, you don’t have to wait days for someone ‘technical’ to respond to you, our team understands knowledge bases, and your account, and we’ll hand hold you through all your questions.

SEO-Ready knowledge base

Optimized For SEO

A lot of times your customers go to Google before they go on to your website - our knowledge bases rank so well, they’ll always end up on them, after searching on Google.

Knowledge base software with translations

Multi-Language support

Support your growing global base of customers in their knowledge with multi-language support for your knowledge base - we support every single language and it’s easy to switch around languages from our authoring panel

What Do Helpjuice Knowledge Bases Look Like?

We have a fully dedicated page of knowledge base examples, but here are a few of our knowledge bases. You’ll notice that they rarely resemble each other.

View More Examples

What is knowledge management?

Knowledge management is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. The purpose of knowledge base software is to allow you to host your knowledge base/corporate wiki in one centralized ‘hub’. Both your customers, and employees can now access information within seconds!

Knowledge Management by Helpjuice

Why is a knowledge base important?

Support more easily

Over 70% of your customers expect to be helped either immediately or within 5 minutes, and 73% prefer self-service support – a knowledge base is a perfect answer.

Helpjuice specializes thanks to 4 core elements that we do far better than any other company: Google-like Search, Insightful Analytics, Very Customizable and Dead-Simple Ease Of Use

Train new employees

While the average employee spends 20% of their time at work searching for information, a knowledge base can not only help speed that up but also provide contextual details to help build a better knowledge base.

Our customers switching from existing knowledge base solutions, or other solutions such as Sharepoint, Google Sites, or a shared drive, notice a huge impact in their organization's performance.

Improve Customer Happiness

With 67% of churning customers citing poor customer service as a reason, a well-written, optimized and brand-fitted knowledge base is the go-to for customers looking for answers immediately.

Customers that switch to Helpjuice from other platforms (such as Zendesk), tend to see as far as 30% better utilization of their knowledge base

Improve your Search Engine Discoverability

Not only does a knowledge base help with supporting your customers, but also people in search of solutions on the web will land on your knowledge base if it's properly optimized.

With your Helpjuice knowledge base already well-optimized for SEO, you do not have to do any setup

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

From the largest organizations in the world to some of the most innovative companies rely on Helpjuice

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  • +1000 more

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Start scaling your customer support, and, collaborate better with your team.

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